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XIS Productions should be your next choice for photography & videography in Las Vegas area. Whether you live in the Las Vegas area or visiting, our professional artistic team can assist you with prep work (planning, hair, makeup, wardrobe etc.), and efficient photography services, we are equipped to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.


"Photography & videography is currently undergoing a monumentally unique reinvention and reinterpretation at it’s best technologically, socially, and aesthetically."


XIS believes by combining photography and with videography artistically you are gaining the best of both worlds. A photograph can say a 1000 words and can be interpretation by the viewer with there own imagination. Video allows the viewer to have a window inside another world to be entertained and learn. XIS Productions is the essence of this insight. Integrating technical, fashion and contemporary photographic techniques produce unique and new age images. We are a team who share a passion for creating truly exclusive, custom images for our clients.

We would like to know who you are as an individual or a group. With this knowledge we can better serve you and or your associates. We serve Las Vegas businesses, locals and tourists in the Valley. Make XIS Productions your best bet in Vegas.



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